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Forget everything you've been told about calories in and calories out for a few minutes. While on the whole the idea is true for some people it's simply not only untrue it is a huge towering obstacle getting in the way of natural weight loss. Years of yo-yo dieting and deprivation have taken its toll to the point that your body seems to be stuck in reverse and no matter what you do, you can't NutraVesta ProVen lose weight.
You count calories, you measure your servings, you eat whole, natural foods. You're doing it all right but the weight is not coming off. If only you had more will power, if only you tried harder is the mantra that plays over and over in your head and is demonstrated on every single diet show on Television. The truth is, you could have an issue with your thyroid. If you have an under-active thyroid it can be difficult if not impossible to lose weight no matter how well you eat. It is imperative that if you've double and triple checked that you're following your plan, you've tweaked it to take your personal uniqueness into account, and you still can't lose that you find a competent medical professional to check your thyroid.
Natural weight loss foods can go far in assisting you with getting healthier and even helping get your thyroid back on track but if you're stuck, go to the doctor and find out if you have healthy hormone levels. If you have a metabolic issue your weight loss efforts will feel like they are useless and you may set yourself up for failure. Do remember, that even if you don't immediately drop weight, eating natural weight loss foods is still healthy for you in more ways than helping you lose weight. And honestly, with all the other ways of weight loss out there, natural weight loss is much more pleasant so you have other reasons to stick to it, but do get yourself to the doctor or a nutritionist that will look at your blood work and ensure that your hormone levels are adequate.
If you have an leptin resistance and are producing extra reverse T3 due to an inactive thyroid condition losing weight will be extra difficult for you. It is good to know if you have this issue because there are things you can do with your diet that will help you with this problem. Try to eliminate wheat, dairy, peanuts, coffee and definitely high fructose corn syrup, fake sugars and any fake fats but also seek out the help of a professional that can help you with your leptin and reverse T3 issues with medication. Some doctors will not help you with these problems so ensure that you ask the right questions so that you can get help with these issues if you have them.
Leptin -- a hormone that regulates body weight and metabolism. If you have difficulty losing weight or are gaining weight for no reason it is likely have leptin resistance but it needs to be checked by a professional. A level greater than 10 shows resistance, and the higher the number the worse the resistance.
Reverse T3 -- a hormone that your body secrets the moment it realizes you're cutting calories, and can be worse if you diet chronically, one reason it's important to ensure that you are eating plenty of calories when you go on any diet, including a natural weight loss diet.
The problem is, standard testing missing most thyroid issues so make sure that they are running a "free T3/reverse T3 ratio to make sure that your thyroid really is working properly. If your ratio is less than 2 you may need thyroid supplementation. This is still not a very popular test so you may need to search out someone willing to do the test and willing to prescribe the treatment that you need which is supplementation with natural T3.
The great news is, once you lose weight and reverse your situation you will not need these medications or supplements forever because it's not a permanent condition. But it is a real medical condition and not an absence of willpower on your part. The problem is the medical community may not have caught up to the research. Fortunately, there are natural sources of these medications and supplements which your healthcare provider can assist you with obtaining.
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